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CLN Athletics Training Wear - Women's and Men's

About CLN Athletics Training Wear

CLN Atheltics started in Borås where two friends took their first steps into the training world, filled with new energy, ready for new challenges.

The form of training they both stuck to was CrossFit with its intensity and constantly new challenges. The passion grew, and with it also the interest in having the best equipment where training clothes played a big role. They searched all over the world and tested their way and as time went by they realized that the range and quality was not enough. At that moment, they decided to take matters into their own hands and CLN Athletics was founded in 2014.

What started as a hobby project quickly developed into a success story, and the v aru brand today offers a wide range of durable, functional and attractive training clothes that cope with tough training sessions regardless of the challenge.

The design of the training clothes from CLN Athletics

CLN Athletics strives to offer the best training clothes on the market – products that not only withstand, but facilitate varied movements regardless of intensity. They develop attractive and innovative products with a stylish design that should hold up to more or less everything that training entails.

The design is the creative fusion of bespoke craftsmanship and proven function where extra love is put into the details. CLN Athletics products are developed with carefully placed cuts that enhance function to follow their unique DNA, in everything they do.

Production quality is guaranteed through collaboration with experienced manufacturers of functional clothing and the use of materials of the highest standard.

The CLN Athletics range

Our hope is given and it is that the range of CLN Athletics training clothes will grow with the demand with us for Workout Brands where the goal is to have the opportunity to take in all their collections as time goes by. If there is something you are missing in our range, let us know and we will look into it as soon as we can.

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CLN Fuse W Tights - CharcoalCLN Fuse W Tights - Charcoal
CLN Feather T-Shirt - Dark BlueCLN Feather T-Shirt - Dark Blue
CLN Feather T-Shirt - Deep Forest GreenCLN Feather T-Shirt - Deep Forest Green
CLN Crush T-Shirt - BlackCLN Crush T-Shirt - Black
CLN 365 M Tights - BlackCLN 365 M Tights - Black
CLN 365 M Tights - Black Sale price399 kr
CLN Transform Shorts - GraphiteCLN Transform Shorts - Graphite
CLN Dawn Longsleeve Shirt - Deep Forest GreenCLN Dawn Longsleeve Shirt - Deep Forest Green
CLN Freedom Tights - Ink CLN Freedom Tights - Ink
CLN Freedom Tights - Charcoal CLN Freedom Tights - Charcoal
CLN Crush T-Shirt - Dark BlueCLN Crush T-Shirt - Dark Blue
CLN Rick T-Shirt - Dusty OliveCLN Rick T-Shirt - Dusty Olive
CLN Rick T-Shirt - Dark WineCLN Rick T-Shirt - Dark Wine