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Article: Team training without equipment

Teamträning utan redskap

Team training without equipment

Exercise with a friend

Good training sessions do not require expensive equipment or large training areas.
All that is needed is a good imagination, a splash of forehead bone and a few pinches of motivation. A good way to increase motivation is to train with a friend. Together, it becomes both harder to give up and more fun to fight.
Today we offer a team workout that challenges the whole body. So grab a friend, bring an exercise mat each and go hard!

Part 1: Stretching and mobility training
Focus on back and front thighs, thoracic spine, pectoral muscles and shoulders. Then do a few repetitions of all the exercises that come in the session.

Part 2: Core strength
EMOM10: 10min

6 Push-ups

Stay in the plank until you have 15 seconds left on the minute. So face each other in the plank and give each other high fives while trying to keep your hips perfectly still.

Part 3: Metcon
AMRAP15: 15 min

Synced Air squats
Situps with clap
Bulgarian outcome jump
Hollow rock
30 Synced Air squats

25 sit ups with clap. Sit facing each other and hook your feet. When you come up at each repetition, you clap each other's hands

20 Bulgarian lunges (var). One person gets ready to jump, the other stands behind the jumper and asks the person to reach behind one foot. Then you have the starting position for a Bulgarian outcome. Do 10 jumps on each leg and switch places. You therefore do 20 repetitions each.

15 Hollow rock. Both do 15 repetitions each.

After part 3, you go directly into part 4.

Part 4: Ending
50 Burpees over friend.

The one person stands in the plank. The other person does a burpee alongside the person in the plank and then jumps over the person in the plank to do a burpee on the other side. If you don't want to jump over the back, it works just as well to jump over the shins of the person standing in the plank. Divide the repetitions as you wish, but during the entire time at least one person must stand in the plank.

You can handle this. Good luck!

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