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Article: Read, understand & train CrossFit - Glossary

Läs, förstå & träna CrossFit - Ordlista

Read, understand & train CrossFit - Glossary

When you walk into a CrossFit gym for the first time, it can seem like you're facing a secret code system.
There are a lot of strange abbreviations in the training form and the board with lots of abbreviations and a group of half-naked people can seem intimidating. But it's important to understand these abbreviations because CrossFit workouts are often short and powerful.

Glossary CrossFit

Here are some important terms/abbreviations to know to better understand the passes:

  • WOD
  • EMOM
  • E2M
  • RFT
  • FQ

WOD - Work Out of the Day, or today's session, is an abbreviation used to describe today's session. The CrossFit method emphasizes variety, so each session should be different from the previous and the next session.

EMOM - Every Minute On the Minute is a type of session where the clock controls when you have to perform a number of reps of an exercise. The session starts when the clock starts, and when it strikes the full minute, you start over.

Example: EMOM10 5 Pushups

You perform 5 push-ups every minute for 10 minutes and then rest until the next minute begins. This training plan is perfect when you want to do a certain amount of training without having to think about anything else.

E2M - Extended EMOM session where a new round starts every one and a half minutes, every two minutes or every four minutes. This means slightly longer work intervals.

AMRAP - As Many Rounds As Possible is a session where you have to do as many rounds as possible in a certain time. When you have done all the exercises, you start from the beginning again. This session layout is perfect for both keeping an eye on how long the session will take, but also for being able to challenge yourself according to your own abilities.

TIME CAP. This term means how much time you have to train. When the time is up, you should end the session regardless of whether you have completed all the exercises or not.

FOR TIME. For time means that the session must be done as quickly as possible and when all exercises and repetitions are finished, the session is over.

RFT - Rounds For Time is a training method in CrossFit that is similar to FT, but with more repetitions of the exercises. If you see 4RFT on the board, it means you should complete four rounds as quickly as possible. RFT workouts are high intensity and challenge you to push yourself to the limit.

FQ - For Quality. CrossFit does not only include high-intensity training sessions. Sometimes the exercises require you to focus on the quality of the repetitions. When it says FQ on the board, it means that technique, endurance and strength are the primary goals. Like RFT, RFQ can occur, which means you repeat the exercises a certain number of times.

CHIPPER is a training method that consists of a list of many different exercises, often with high reps. You perform each exercise in turn until you have completed all reps. Chipper is thus a WOD FT (For Time). Your physical and mental strength usually determines how long it takes you to cope with a chipper.

METCON - Metabolic Conditioning is a training method within CrossFit that combines strength training with cardio training. These sessions train both the aerobic and anaerobic capacity at the same time.
A typical session often contains several different parts, including isolated technique, strength exercises and finally a METCON. It's the latter that really gets the pulse pumping, and METCONs are often the favorites of CrossFit athletes.

We at Workout Brands recommend the form of exercise because it is a fun and, to say the least, effective form of exercise.

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